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Maintaining a water system comes with challenges.   Water main repairs can seem frustratingly slow. Water main replacement often means traffic disruption, noise, and dust. We make every attempt to minimize the impact on our customers, and we hope the information you find here will be helpful.

Work on Union and Hammond streets:

Our Contractor has begun work at the intersection of Union and Hammond streets where we will replace 2200′ of c. 1915 and 1920 pipe with new lines.  The completion deadline is Nov. 30.  The work area is Union (from West Broadway to Hammond) and Hammond (from Cedar to Fifth).

Water Main Construction:

We have a number of project currently underway, all aimed at some of our oldest infrastructure and in cooperation with the City of Bangor and/or State of Maine.

Funding for the projects includes low-interest loans and grants through the Maine Drinking Water Program as well as our designated infrastructure replacement account, funded through rates as allowed by the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

Flushing of hydrants

Every other summer, we flush all of our water mains in six towns. Opening a hydrant draws the water through the pipe at a higher-than-usual speed, allowing any sediment to be flushed away. The sediment is a corrosion byproduct associated with pipe materials (such as iron). Although the water may look discolored after we flush the lines in your area, it is always safe to use. The color will clear when the water is run for a few minutes after flushing is completed in your neighborhood.

Water Main Flushing: Not being done in 2018.

While we are flushing, we are also inspecting the hydrants, checking the flow rates (important for fire fighting), and conducting tests in the area for any undetected leaks.

Generally, signs on sawhorses are placed a day in advance in the affected neighborhood.