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No PFAS in Your Water

The world is full of acronyms—SUV, NFL, LOL, FBI—but in the world of water, the acronym people are talking about today is PFAS.

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been used since the 1950’s—generally related to the industrial use of chemicals.

Thanks to years of protecting our watershed, PFAS have never been found in our drinking water.  Due to the isolated nature of Floods Pond and the restricted activities allowed, sources of PFAS have never existed in or around the lake.

Founding Fathers Award

In early 2020, Bangor Water received the “Founding Fathers Preservation and Stewardship Award” from the Bangor Historical Society for its commitment to preserving the 120-year-old Thomas Hill Standpipe.

The award honors those who have “contributed significantly to the conservation and documentation of Bangor History.”

Utility of the Year – 2019

Bangor Water was recognized by the New England Water Works Association as “2019 Utility of the Year” in the medium-size category.

The award recognized the significant improvements to the water system infrastructure as we move toward our goal of replacing two miles of pipe each year to achieve a complete system renewal every 100 years.  Some 42 of nearly 200 miles of pipe in six communities has been in the ground for more than a century.

Also recognized were the ongoing upgrades to the treatment facilities, implementation of paperless technology to mapping and meter reading, and professional development of our 32 employees.